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The Elevator Connect 1000
Leave the analog phone line behind.  Our cellular communicator delivers code complaint voice communications to any existing or new elevator phone.  Designed to work with only 1 elevator phone, this provides a code compliant alternative to traditional phone lines.

With easy installation and easy scaling, The Elevator Connect is the perfect choice to start migrating elevators with traditional, expensive phone lines.

Above are examples of some installations in Elevator Machine Rooms.  Give our experts a call for more information.

The Elevator Connect 1000

- A direct alternative to traditional POTS phone line.

- Non-Propietary, works with any analog elevator phone

- Works with any Line Verifier including the LM 34

-  Comes with 10hr battery back up

- Power supply included 12vdc

- Connects via 3G & 4G LTE network

- We can provide Sim Card or any standard  GSM sim card will work

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