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For connection of additional Elevators. One central unit can be used for up to 8 elevators, it means up to 7 splitters. Includes relay contact for blocking of elevator or to trigger lne verifier if any failure appears.

This card provides Cellular Elevator Phone Communications.  Simply add any Sim Card from AT&T or Tmobile.  We can also provide Sim Card as well. This is the by far the most popula model.

A highly modular Elevator communication system, where the two-wire bus makes the 2N® Lift8 readily installable in any elevator context. This means that when it comes to providing for emergency Elevator communications you won’t have to trouble with putting in new cabling. 2N® Lift8 meets all the applicable A17.1 USA and European Lift standards.

-  Easy installation
- Comprehensive, modular, expandable
- Wide range of communication interfaces

2N® Lift8 VOIP Module

LM-34 Line Verifier for Lift8

2N® Lift8 Machine Room unit

The Central Unit is the master unit and can support up to (8) elevator phones, multiple Machine Room phones, Line Verifiers, and can connect via Cellular, VOIP, and traditional Phone Lines.

This is most complex and advanced system in the Industry today.

Car Panel Mount Audio unit PC Board electronics for elevators, including loudspeaker and microphone (HandsFree).  2 LED lights and necessary terminals for easy hook up and programming.

2N® Lift8 Audio Unit - COP

2N® Lift8 3G Cellular Module

This Lobby unit is required on elevator phone systems that must meet the A17.1 2009 code or higher.  This works perfect with the L8 Highrise system and can be triggered by any central unit or Splitter.

This card provides an interface to connect a VOIP or Sip system.

Our Machine Room phones can connect to any splitter or Central Unit to provide communications from machine room to the elevator phone or from machine room to call center.  Only needing 2 wires. 

2N® Lift8 Central Unit

This card provides an interface to connect a standard phone line / Ananlog phone Communications.  Simply connect incoming POTS line or Telco phone line diretly to female phone connector.. 

2N® Lift8 Splitter Unit

The 2N- L8 High Rise Elevator System

L8 Highrise Flow Chart

Over 60Ft High Rise Communication System

2N® Lift8 POTS/ Analog Module