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The LM-34 Line Verifier product specification

- Required on Elevators that meet the A17.1 2009b code and above. 

  (includes A17.1 2010, 2013, 2016, & 2019 Codes)

- Non-Propietary, works with any analog elevator phone

- Works with our EC-1000 Cellular Phone Line

- Works with our L8 high rise system

- Comes with Keyswitch, Key, LED light, buzzer,

- Power supply included 12vdc

The LM-34 Line Verifier
The Lm-34 Line Verifier is the most flexible and dynamic line verification system for elevator phones on the market today. The LM-34 works with any Wired or Wireless ADA phone. It tests for dial tone and loop current. It also is a code compliant Line Verification system for the EC-1000 Cellular Phone Communicator. Upon detecting a failure it will send an audible and visual alert indicating an ELEVATOR COMMUNICATION FAILURE.
The LM-34 line verifier comes with keyswitch and mounting hardware. It fits in a standard double gang box. Utilizing the least amount of traveling cables and home run cables, this is the preferred choice for Emergency Communications

In accordance to ASME A17.1, the Line Verifieris labeled “ELEVATOR COMMUNICATION FAILURE” in 1⁄4” high red letters, and will sound an audible signal every 30 seconds and flash a red light when a telephone line fault is detected. Authorized personnel can silence the audible signal with the included key switch. The LED will remain flashing until the fault is corrected.


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Elevator Phone Line Verifier